The Cay Chapter 4

  1. How did Phillip feel about Timothy?
    1. like he was different - to be avoided
    2. like he was lucky
    3. glad he was there to take care of him
    4. as a best friend
  1. Where was Timothy from?
    1. Africa
    2. St. Thomas
    3. Florida
  1. What did Phillip and Timothy eat for breakfast?
    1. biscuits
    2. fish
    3. candy
    4. a sea gull
  1. How was Timothy kind to Phillip?
    1. He kept him warm during the night.
    2. He gave him orange juice.
    3. He gave him medicine for his headache.
  1. What was wrong with Phillip when he woke up?
    1. his arm ached
    2. He could not see.
    3. He was sunburned.
  1. How did Phillip react to being blind?
    1. He hit Timothy.
    2. He felt a great pain in his head.
    3. He quietly accepted it.

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